DragonMint 16T Miner


The DragonMint Bitcoin Mining Series

If you’re in the market for a Bitcoin miner that works more efficiently than any other miner available today, the DragonMint T1 miner and the DragonMint 16T Miners  are certainly the way to go. The piece of hardware is the result of more than a year of steady research, and it includes some major breakthroughs in the realm of Bitcoin mining, like an entirely new series of ASIC chips dedicated to mining processes. The main chip in the unit, the T1558 ASIC, performs at roughly 85GHz and has a power efficiency rating of about 0.075J/GHz.

In December of 2016, the team behind the DragonMint mining rig (Halong Mining)decided to pursue a strategy that they hoped would bring innovation and renewed competition to the world of Bitcoin mining. The project has received contributions from more than 100 experts in the fields of chip design, software design, and hardware design, and various leaders in these fields have offered their input. The goal of the project was to decentralize the way Bitcoin mining works so the process could once again become competitive and not controlled by a few entities with the largest server farms.

Mass production is ready to start for these units since the main phase of prototyping is complete and a small batch of initial units has already been test-built. Not only are these products ready for a massive rollout, but the brand is working to build relationships with other entities that might use the new ASIC chips in a similar capacity.

One of the things that makes DragonMint mining hardware from HalongMining.com different is that the design for the unit wasn’t derived from software simulations. The brand has already spent about $30 million on the production of silicon wafers, dedicated software, research and development, prototypes, and small batch unit production. These units require precision, time, and a relatively high cost, but mass production will bring down those costs. Miners from scratch take nearly four months to complete if you include the time it takes to develop the silicon chips, and preorders for the newest miner are available.

It would be nice if other manufacturers of Bitcoin mining hardware could compete equally in the market, but the way mining works has made that difficult. The startup cost alone is prohibitively expensive for most. By publishing software and chip designs that give more power to newcomers to the mining field, the competition in the field becomes much more even. The idea that the company can help the entire market by developing the new ASIC chips for others to use as well is merely an extension of their desire to promote a collaborative environment in the DragonMint miner hosting and mining ecosystem for Bitcoin.

Even with the numerous strengths coming from the DragonMint system, the ability to succeed in this market is a struggle that never really ends. Time is critical in this field since it takes so long to develop new pieces of technology, so it is vital that they remain ahead of the curve by withholding new software and chip designs until the initial batch of units is prepped for shipment. Certain details will also be withheld to ensure that they have the strongest position to push forward into a leading position in the market for future Bitcoin mining operations.